Where is the water? Porters Neck residents worried about dried up ponds

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Porters Neck residents have mowed back the weeds and tall grass but it’s not to make their neighborhood look pretty. It’s in anticipation of getting back the water in their dried out ponds.

For the last three years, homeowners in the Country Haven community have seen their lakes, ponds and wetlands completely dry up. Now the CFPUA is trying to fix the problem.

What was once a beautiful view and and source of pride for homeowners has now been reduced to cracks and piles of dirt.
Country Haven developer, Donald Caison says, “The water table didn’t go down just a little bit. It went down 20 or 30 feet.”

At first, residents were told the cause was drought, but with nearby neighborhood ponds full, Caison knew something else was causing it. Since 2009, the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority has been pumping out millions of gallons of water a day from 25 wells that sit behind Country Haven, which Caison says is the source of the problem. He says, “there’s just not enough supply in the amount of acreage that their well field’s in to handle that volume of water removal.”

In response, the CFPUA has shut down ten wells to see if things can go back to normal, but if it doesn’t residents worry how that could affect selling their homes.

Caison says the wells will be shut off for about two months. New Hanover County Commissioner and CFPUA board member, Rick Catlin says he is confident that turning off the wells will clear up the problem.

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