While other districts add time, Pender Co. cuts days from Spring Break

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — For the most part, folks love having a day off because of snow. But making them up… that’s a different story.

While other school districts have protected Spring Break from make-up days, Pender County Students have had theirs cut short.

“Kids went to school Saturday,” said Michael Kendrick, who takes care of his nieces and nephews. “Nobody likes it, but they did it.”

Students will also have to be in class the first two days of Spring Break in Pender County to make up days missed from two winter storms.

“It’s a little tough on parents then,” dad David Bannerman said. “They have to make the decision to go to school or just skip it.”

Tough because families plan for their kids to have that time off and for family vacations.

“Whatever the district has to do to make sure the kids are in class for the allotted amount of time, that’s what they have to do,” Kendrick said.

But some think the district should take a page from New Hanover County’s book and just add time on to the school day.

“Even if they added an hour,” Bannerman said. “Most kids come home, and they don’t do anything anyway.”

The district issued a statement that reads in part, “Community members, parents, and staff members set their schedules around the school calendar as well as the times that schools begin and end each day. Therefore, identifying a solution that works for everyone is a difficult task.”

The district says it is waiting to see if Gov. Pat McCrory waives any of the days schools missed.

State law requires 185 school days or 1,025 hours of instruction. We tried to get answers from Superintendent Terri Cobb on why they are making up days instead of time, but according to a spokeswoman, she was in meetings all day.

We also contacted school board members. None have gotten back to us.

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