Whiteville leaders hope park improvements help improve residents’ health

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — The Whiteville City Council met Tuesday night. One item on their agenda is the approval of a bid to improve Nolan Park.

The Council voted to move forward with a bid to improve Nolan Park. Council approved up to $520,000 in financing to BB&T. City leaders are hoping improvements to the facilities at the park will encourage citizens to get up and get active and improve the city’s health.

According to City Manager Darren Currie, Nolan Park is in for some upgrades like walking trails and a place to play Frisbee.

How much will changes like this cost?

“The project itself is right at a million dollars. The engineering estimates were somewhere in the neighborhood of about 750 to 800 thousand dollars of actual construction costs. Of course we have design costs in there and engineering fees and closing costs and things of that nature,” said Currie.

Currie said construction will start in June and most of the work will be completed by October.

The health and well-being of citizens in Whiteville is a top concern for local leaders.

“We just want to add to the quality of life. And there are some things in our existing facilities that we don’t have,” said Parks and Rec. Director Tim Collier.

And with Columbus County in last place statewide for health; Collier said he hopes the new facilities will encourage folks to get up and get active.

“We’ve got this stigma on us that we’re one of the least healthiest counties in the state of North Carolina, and so we’re doing some things to improve that image,” said Collier.



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