Wilmington Black Lives Matter chapter protests at 1898 Memorial

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–The Wilmington Black Lives Matter chapter met at the 1898 Memorial to protest racial injustice and equality. The focus on Wednesday night was on the handling of the deaths of Brandon Smith and Brandon Webster.

“We need to remind people of the injustice that was done here in Wilmington with Brandon Smith,”says Smith’s sister Georgia Davis. “I really feel like if we don’t speak out as much as we should what was done to Brandon and countless other people will basically go unheard.”

The Wilmington BLM chapter hosts peaceful protests two times a month. They say the public forum not only gives them a chance to learn, but to educate the public as well. That is something they say is key in the fight against racism.

“You can’t make a correct decision without information from both sides,”said community activist Dorian Cromartie. “So, coming out to these events and bringing your friends and your family and your kids is very important.”

The organization says they have seen the willingness to learn and listen grow over the past few months. That changes has been seen not only in New Hanover County, but across the country.

“Now, instead of sitting home at just watching TV they want to come out here and they want to fight,”said Davis. “They want to stand up and make that change.”

If you are interested in the local Black Live Matter chapter or their upcoming events you can visit their Facebook page.

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