Wilmington considers cottage cluster housing

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington is filling up fast and it begs the question; where will new folks live?

“They are definitely looking for something different out of the norm,” said Jessica Holcomb. She’s the Community Director at South Front Apartments.

Holcomb says clients of all ages come in looking for a more community feeling, and for a place like South Front it isn’t just about the amenities. It is about the way they think outside of the box.

The City of Wilmington is thinking outside of the box too. A meeting Wednesday discussed cottage clusters a community planning idea not currently allowed in Wilmington

“There’s a general national trend toward a reduction in housing size in all those age groups,” said Aaron Davis, an urban planner with the city.

Essentially it is a group of small homes centered around a green space. It would be a community where parking isn’t the focus but the community is. Davis presented the idea to the planning commission tonight.

“It would allow for a more community oriented neighborhood where maybe your neighbor could look after your children or you could look after that retiree,” he said.

Typically in Wilmington, if you build a house parking is attached to it. So you would just park and go inside. Davis says imagine a setup where neighbors interact with each other again. Holcomb tends to agree

“Anything that lets them live a lifestyle they want to live at a price that works for them,” she said.

If approved by city council these cottage cluster style neighborhoods could be a reality within the next 1 to 2 years.

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