Wilmington Fire Department holds forum to address social issues

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Over the past several months, social issues have become an important topic of discussion around the country.

Wilmington firefighter Nicholas Shepard has been following those issues and civil unrest around the country over the past several months. While he understands people’s concerns, Shepard also feels that people shouldn’t allow their differences to come between them.

“People are going to have different opinions, they’re going to have different view points,” Shepard said. “But talking with somebody that doesn’t think the same as you, doesn’t look the same as you, is something that is welcomed to help us all learn and help us all grow.”

Shepard led a forum at the Wilmington Fire Department with the goal of helping the participants see things from a different point of view.

“It was something that I created,” Shepard said. “I asked a couple of my peers to help me out through it. They took it on 100 percent. We brought it to the department, and everybody has been very receptive to what we are doing and wanting to accomplish.”

Shepard says he is happy with the progress being made within the department, but he hopes the discussions don’t stop there.

“I would love for it to branch out, around the departments, around the world kind of thing,” Shepard said. “It is something I feel everybody needs. Not everybody is brought up the same way, is raised the same way. They have different viewpoints. So this is ultimately going to bring us closer as a family.”

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