Wilmington food bank prepares to help as Arthur nears

WILMINGTON, NC (NEWS RELEASE) -– The Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina responds daily to the hunger crisis by distributing food and non-food essentials to more than 560,000 people at risk of hunger in its 34-county service area.

The Food Bank also acts as a first-responder during times of natural disaster, reacting immediately to serve victims of tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods throughout central and eastern North Carolina. In preparation for/response to the damaging storms in eastern North Carolina, the Food Bank of Central and Eastern North Carolina is assessing the needs of its partner agencies and preparing itself to assist families affected in the area.

Outreach Coordinators and operations staff at the Food Bank’s Wilmington Branch are connecting with partner agencies and other first-responders to identify where resources may be needed and ensure plans are in place. Additional supplies are on standby at our Raleigh and Greenville Branches and will be delivered as needed.

The Wilmington Branch is located at 1314 Marstellar Street.

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