Wilmington man pleads guilty to 2nd degree murder

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — 22 year-old Terrell Robinson appeared in court today for the gang-related shooting of a young man in 2012. Robinson plead guilty to a 2nd degree murder charge.

Now, family friends that were at the murder are speaking out against gang violence. Family friend Wanda Richmond says she’s had enough. “We have to stop this gang violence,” Richmond said. “Gang violence is our number one problem in Wilmington. You follow the command of somebody. Look what happens,” Richmond said.

Richmond saw first hand what happens May 12, 2012. She recounts the day 22 year old David McPhatter was shot three times at a cookout in front of her hair salon on castle street.
“I held him in a fetal position as if he was my child and I began to talk to him as he was fighting to take his very last breath,” Richmond said.

That’s when Wilmington gang violence claimed another victim, 22 year-old David McPhatter. McPhatter and the two young men charged with his murder had a previous run in weeks before the shooting.

Assistant District Attorney Connie Jordan goes over the case during the trial.
“There was a fight where David Mcphatter seemed to come out on top and this was, appeared to be a retaliation,” Jordan said.

The retaliation was an attempt to get McPhatter to rejoin a gang. Jordan says it’s hard to see see a 22 year-old take a plea.
“We have such young gang violence going on in Wilmington right now,” Jordan said.

Richmond is friends with both Robinson and the victim’s family. She hope Robinson’s prison time will give him a chance to turn his life around and become a voice against gang violence. Richmond says Wilmington depends on it.
“… Our youth, our future, our reputation,” Richmond said.

The judge said Robinson is looking to serve anywhere from 13-17 years behind bars.

Guerro will go to trial for first degree murder in October.

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