Wilmington Mom, Entrepreneur one of the Extraordinary People of Cape Fear

Real Estate Company Owner Stephanie Lanier juggles several high profile careers with caring for medically fragile son

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) —  Call her businesswoman, entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster or visionary, but Stephanie Lanier’s favorite title is “mom”.

She’s a working mom who does more before her morning coffee than most of us do in a day.

As the mother to a medically fragile 13-year-old son, Lanier and her husband Andrew have learned to  do what she calls “delegate and delete”:  hand off tasks that can be done by others, and get rid of ideas, practices or stuff that no longer serves the family’s goals.

When he was 18 months old, their son Oliver was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease which causes tumors in the brain, and leads to a host of physical and mental challenges including seizures and autism.

The couple long ago made the decision to care for their son at home, and now have a team of workers they pay to help them with Oliver, 75 hours a week.

“We give him medications we give him feeds through his g-tube,” Stephanie explains.
“We change his diapers, we get his clothing changed, we look at the schedule for his workers for the day.”

And all of that happens before Stephanie leaves for her job at Lanier Properties, a real estate team at Intracoastal Properties.

She also founded the Inspiration Lab to connect women for personal and professional development.

“We had a conference right before covid that had hundreds of women that came from like Canada, across the country….it was just really cool,” Lanier remembers.

“And I wanted it to be in Wilmington because I can’t travel very easily because of Oliver.”

Even with major mom duties, she keeps reinventing, adding podcaster to her portfolio.  She’s recorded nearly 50 podcasts, on a wide range of topics that interest her.

Her husband Andrew says Lanier inspires him every day, because “she wakes
wakes up and she thinks, how can we be productive, how can we make a difference in somebody’s life?”

“I think our life is a lot harder than most people’s day to day lives,” Stephanie explains, “but I think Andrew and I area lot happier and more joyful because of it, because we have perspective.”

Though he can’t tell her, Oliver shows Stephanie each day what it important, and how even little things can be extraordinary.”

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