Wilmington Police educate hundreds on church security

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington Police hosted a special church security seminar to help members of different congregations learn what to do and how to be prepared if there is ever an active shooter.

After multiple church shootings throughout the nation, Wilmington Police decided to take action.

“Unfortunately we live in day in time where one time churches were probably the safest place on the earth, but today evil as it’s been categorized have penetrated even under our houses of worship. So we have to do whatever we can to harden the target and to make it safer so that people can be free and to worship the way they choose,” WPD spokeswoman Linda Thompson said.

WPD held a seminar to help teach church security.

“We can arm them with the tools to stay safe and so we believe educating the public making them aware of things they can do to institute in their house of worship will make them safer,” Thompson said.

WPD said every house of worship should develop some type of safety plan and after the seminar some church members took note.

“We are going to up our staff for security, we’re going to do extra training, we’re going to be extra aware with the greeters and welcome, the ushers and the people out front. They’re going to be aware of what’s going on and who is coming into our churches,” Associate Pastor Charles Flowers said.

Flowers said he feels more informed after the seminar, but knows safety is key.

“It is very important that during these times a lot of church shootings, that we are really concerned about our congregation and the community and church shootings. So it’s very important for us to be aware of what we need to do if we have an active shooter on the campus,” Flowers said.

Making sure the community is educated is one helpful tool to make sure houses of worship stay protected.

WPD said if you couldn’t attend this seminar they are hopeful to have more in the future, but you can always reach out if interested in more information.

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