Wilmington Police hold active shooter drill

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — These days, law enforcement has to be prepared to take on just about any type of dangerous situation. That’s why Wilmington Police held a mock exercise Thursday.

Wilmington Police held the critical incident training session at the Glen Apartment Complex, which has been vacant since it was damaged in Hurricane Florence.

“Some of these incidents have happened in other places across this country and we certainly want to make sure that we’re safe, and we know how to respond,” said Linda Thompson, spokeswoman for Wilmington Police.

Thompson says every training session is different. In this scenario, a police officer has been shot, the suspect is held up in an apartment, and another responding police car has had its windows shot out.

“It is up to the lieutenants, those officers, and all the commanders who are here, to figure out the best strategy, how we can get those officers to safety and apprehend the suspect in addition,” Thompson said.

They set up a mobile command unit to brief officers on the situation, and use a special radio frequency to communicate so it doesn’t get confused for a real emergency.

They use citizen volunteers and police personnel to play the roles of shooters and victims. The officers carry unloaded weapons, and a bomb squad robot and drone are on hand to assist if needed.

“We are a well equipped agency, we have some state of the art technology and equipment on hand, and the citizens should be very proud,” Thompson said.

Thompson says WPD holds training exercises like these four times per year, and they invite other departments to participate as well.

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