Wilmington prepares for Hurricane Matthew

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The City of Wilmington has begun to prepare for Hurricane Matthew.

A city spokesperson said Wilmington is beginning to activate its Emergency Operations plan.

The city works closely with New Hanover County, who is in charge of Emergency Operations in situations like this.

“All the departments in the city, again in concert with New Hanover County, are looking at our emergency operations,” Wilmington City Spokesperson Malissa Talbert said. “Okay, what do we need to do now, what do we need to do tomorrow, what do we need to do the next day, depending upon what happens with the weather.”

On Tuesday Talbert said the city had started mobilizing staff, checking equipment, and checking storm water drains to make sure those drains are not clogged with debris.

The city also plans to send out reminders about storm preparation.

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