Wilmington woman returns from helping refugees overseas

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — A senior U.S. official announced that 872 refugees will be allowed into the United states Tuesday despite President Trump’s executive order to suspend the country’s refugees program.

A New Hanover County woman has strong feelings toward the topic after recently returning from helping refugees overseas.

Dana Sachs just got back from her third trip to Greece to help those fleeing from war. She said most people she assisted were from Syria.

“People do not leave their homes unless that they feel they don’t have another choice for the most part and I think that’s something hard to understand in this country,” Sachs said.

While protests continue around the country, Sachs does not think this ban reflects the values that our country is built on and says it’s hurting the wrong people.

“In one sense I’m saying to the rest of the world, America is better than this,” Sachs said. “We value immigrants. We see ourselves as benefiting from them being in this country and we don’t want to associate ourselves with a policy that we see is cruel and destructive.”

She says she hopes as time passes President Trump will be more welcoming to immigrants.

“I would hope he would begin to see that these people can do great things in the world,” Sachs said. “We just need to trust them and give them a chance.”

Sachs hopes to return to Greece in the summer. If you would donate supplies for Syrian Refugees, you can do so here.

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