Wilmington’s gay and church communities respond to possible new amendment

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– North Carolina is one of the last states in the Southeast without a constitutional amendment making it clear that marriage is only legal between a woman and a man. That all might change come May after the North Carolina General Assembly recently agreed to put an amendment banning gay marriage on next year’s ballot.

“For what it means to the families here in North Carolina is that it’s just bringing on discrimination and hate towards them and says that they’re not welcomed in this state,” says TR Nunley, President of Wilmington Pride.

A Wilmington church also reacted to the amendment.

“I think that the church treads on dangerous grounds when we start trying to play God. As far as how we feel about it, you know God tells us to love people and whether we agree with it or not I believe it’s the church’s responsibility to reach out and love people,” says Pastor Daniel Cook of The Sanctuary.

Although it is already illegal for people of the same sex to marry in the state, if this amendment passes in May, it will make it difficult for future legislatures to extend further rights to gays.

Nunley says that might mean same-sex couples moving from North Carolina to more gay friendly states. He also says Wilmington Pride will do all it can to keep that amendment from passing.

“On May 5th we intend to go up to Raleigh, to the capital, to protest against the amendment,” Nunley said.

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