Wilmington’s Got Talent showcases local performers

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Wilmington’s got talent is a competition show casing amateur performers from New Hanover County and surrounding areas.

Wilmington Central Rotary was in search for aspiring performers of all ages to participate in their annual fundraiser.

There were two age groups in the program, ages 6 through 15 and ages 16 and above.

The event was held at Thalian Hall and spot lighted singers, dancers, musicians and many other talents.

The event chair said she is excited to show off the undiscovered entertainers in Wilmington.

“It’s a lot of fun ya know you spend the time putting it on, you recruit them and then when you get here during the show you see it from beginning to end, and it’s fun and a lot of excitement, ” event chair Louise McColl said.

Proceeds from the show will go towards purchasing a narcotics detection K-9 to use in New Hanover County Schools.

They are hoping to raise $15,000 dollars from the event.

Last year Wilmington’s Got Talent raised $16,000 and purchased computers for GLOW Academy.

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