Witches prepare for solar eclipse with beach celebration and ritual

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – In less than two weeks, a million people are expected to pour into South Carolina to witness the upcoming solar eclipse.

It’s the first total eclipse in our part of the Carolinas in 47 years and we won’t have another for 61 years.

The event on Monday, August 21st will attract science lovers and astronomy buffs, but some self-proclaimed witches will use the eclipse to practice their faith.

Practitioners of witchcraft in the area say the eclipse is a way to connect the cycles of nature to spiritual rebirth.

“For me, the cycles of the earth is what makes everything kind of special or magical,” said Bri An Lasair. “I draw energy from the world around me whether it’s from nature, from crystals, from candles.”

Lasair is a self-described witch and the owner of Labrynith Walking, a metaphysical shop in Socastee. She described how the celestial event is a symbol of rebirth.

“Because of the very rapid cycle of the sun during the eclipse, where it’s actually going down in strength and back up in intensity, it gives you kind of the appearance of the suns death and rebirth,” explained Lasair.

Lasair will hold an all day celebration of the eclipse before and after the event at Myrtle Beach State Park on August 21.

“So few people in this area have someplace they can kind of practice openly or that they can celebrate their faith openly outside of a church, so this is our way of doing it and connecting with nature and being able to use those energies as they occur,” said Lasair.

She and other practicing witches will also hold a ritual during the eclipse which aims to get rid of past burdens and invite in prosperity for the future.

“To kind of cut ties with things that are finished, things that might be holding you back, or just general resentments, frustrations, and setting goals that we’d rather be working on,” said Lasair of the ritual.

The ritual involves writing down the things people would like to let go then, as totality approaches burning those notes as a symbol of letting go. “Saying our farewells to what we’re letting go of,” said Lasair.

She says the goal is to give people practicing various forms of witchcraft and spiritualism a place to come together.

“Because there’s a very large community in this area, even if people don’t realize it, so we do try to support the community and give them some safe where they can meet other like minds or just get out and even meditate if they can’t do it at home,” explained Lasair.

The witches will celebrate the eclipse at the state park from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. on the day of the eclipse.

The public is welcome to attend regardless of faith, they just ask folks to be respectful.

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