Witnesses report safety concerns on day 2 of murder trial

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — On day two of a murder suspect’s trial, witnesses reported safety concerns during pre-trial motions.

Nashid Porter will represent himself in the courtroom for the 2012 murder of Brian Grant in Wilmington. 

Before court began, the judge asked Porter if he was going to act orderly and obey his ruling to not obstruct the courtroom, because of what happened in court Tuesday.  Porter said he would obey if the court is not deceitful. Porter did interrupt the judge and the state multiple times throughout the pre-trial motions.

Porter filed three motions Tuesday that the judge went over. Porter wanted to recuse the judge from his case. Porter then, objected to this motion and laughed.

Porter also filed a suppression motion. Porter said Wilmington police did not get an arrest warrant signed by the Department of Justice to track his phone when they initially arrested him. After hearing both sides, the judge denied it, but said the state needed to have the detectives testify about their procedures.

Finally, Porter wanted to dismiss the trial, because of his right to a speedy trial. The state explained a list of delays from the past few years including Porter firing four attorneys. The judge denied the motion to dismiss.

Finally, the state asked the judge to address the media. The state says there are a few witnesses that have expressed safety concerns, because a witness has already been killed. The state wants the judge to restrict the media from putting these witnesses on camera. Porter interrupted throughout this motion.

Porter said these witnesses need to report who is threatening them to law enforcement. The judge said it is a precautionary measure, but he said he would address the motion later.

The state is now in the process of picking a jury. After questioning the first 12, Porter had a chance to challenge them. Ported asked for five of those 12 be removed from the trial. Then, Porter spoke to the remaining seven potential jurors about, “truthfulness.” Porter read something about truthfulness from what he called the prophet. Five more potential jurors were called from the pool of jurors to be questioned.

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