Woman claims Dowless tried to use fraud voter tactics in her 2016 campaign

BLADEN COUNTY,NC (WWAY) — A Bladen County woman says she once worked with McCrae Dowless during her run for office. Subrina Murchison says at the time, Dowless was working with State Representative William Brisson. Murchison says Brisson recommended Dowless to her as a good campaign manager.

Murchison says Dowless asked her to pick up absentee ballots from voters when she was running for board of education in 2016. But, she says she was uncomfortable and did not do that. She says Dowless and a Bladen County commissioner then recommended she use her race to win the campaign.

“I received a call saying I wasn’t ready and that I should wait to run for election but…I knew I could do it,” said Murchison.

She says Mccrae Dowless was her campaign manager in her run for Bladen County Board of Education in 2016 but, it was an unsuccessful run. But, Murchison claims Dowless used similar tactics in her campaign as in the Mark Harris campaign, which led to a 9th district scandal that has swept national news.

Murchison says Dowless asked her to collect absentee ballots to win her campaign.

“My main question was how did he get so many absentee ballots,” she said. “I refused to do those [then] it was said you wont win if you don’t. ”

But, when Murchison refused she says Dowless and Bladen County Commissioner Charles Ray Peterson recommended another option–use her race.

“They wanted me to file an affidavit against the Bladen Improvement Association and that would have worked for them [because] I’m African American and the organization is African American,” said Murchison. “At first I didn’t know what the organization consisted of and what they offer as far as assistance.”

Bladen County Improvement Association is a political action committee funded by the N.C. Democratic party.

But, Dowless was a member of Patriots for Progress. Murchinson says they were trying to use her as a token African-American woman to speak out against the organization and say the group was falsifying absentee ballots. Murchinson says she did not sign the affidavit.

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