Woman finds Woolly mammoth fossil in sand at Kure Beach

KURE BEACH, NC (WWAY) — A woman has found a Woolly mammoth fossil along our coast.

Becky Wynn was walking in the sand when she spotted the rare item about six feet from the ocean. She loves looking for unique shells and fossils that wash up. However, she says fossils have been scares for the last year, but Wednesday was her lucky day.

“I saw it as soon as I walked on the beach,” she said.

WWAY reached out to experts at UNCW to get verification.

By looking at several photos, Patti Mason, a lecturer with the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences, says she believes it is in fact a mammoth molar, or at least a partial mammoth molar.

(Photo: Becky Wynn)

She describes this photo to be of the clincher showing the grinding (occlusal) surface.
“Probably Mammuthus columbi, since that is the species that was common in the southern US, more than 10-11,000 years ago,” Mason wrote to WWAY.

This wasn’t her first Mammoth fossil find either. WWAY spoke to Wynn back in 2019 about her historic collection.

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