Woman freed after being trapped in Goodwill trailer for 2 days

A homeless woman was found Wednesday after two days of being inadvertently locked in a donation trailer behind Goodwill in Asheville.

A neighbor in the Malvern Hills community heard someone yelling for help.

“And heard someone banging on the trailer,” Goodwill vice president of operations Bill Haymore said.

“And our staff heard the same thing, went to investigate it, opened the trailer door up and found a woman inside of it,” he said.

Last weekend, someone cut the fence and broke into the back lot at Goodwill, eventually cutting the locks off three trailers, Haymore said. Employees relocked the trailers, unaware there was anyone inside.

“She got out of the trailer, had some of the donations in hand,” he said after workers unlocked the trailer. “Our staff asked if she would wait, the police department was on the way. At that point she dropped the bags that she had and ran.”

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