Woman: ‘Kitten found neglected in shelter’

WHITEVILLE, NC (WWAY) — After adopting a sick kitten, a woman says the condition and treatment of cats inside a shelter is a case of neglect. The director of the shelter says while they had problems with a bug infestation a few months ago, the shelter is clean and the kitten’s illness was an isolated incident.

Suzanne Melton says she’s been rescuing cats from the Columbus County Animal Shelter in Whiteville for at least six months. Melton, a life-long cat lover, is also the founder of Suzy’s Zoo Sanctuary for Special Needs Kitties. Melton said when a volunteer went to rescue more cats last Tuesday, she found a kitten with what she says severe issues.

“What we were faced with was acid burn from urine and diarrhea that he had sat in for an extended period of time,” Melton said. “Honestly, I had tears in my eyes.”

Rossie Hayes is the director for animal control in Columbus County. He says this particular kitten was in quarantine due to a child bite. By law, any animal who bites someone must be in isolation for 10 days. Hayes says he didn’t know the kitten was sick, and the incident was unfortunate but isolated to that animal.

The shelter had some problems with a roach infestation in September, but Hayes says that issue was resolved.

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