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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — When most people think of pot, there is a negative connotation. But in Colorado, it’s proving to be a cash crop.

The state was the first to legalize the drug and started selling it in January. In one month marijuana brought more than $2 million in tax revenue.

So could it help cash-strapped north carolina? Area politicians do not think it has bright future along Tobacco Road, or at least its recreational use.

“It is going to take a real change of heart of the North Carolina people,” Sen. Thom Goolsby (R-9th District) said. “We tend to be overall… we don’t even have liquor by the drink in every county in North Carolina. We don’t even have Sunday hunting.”

Marijuana is taxed at nearly 13 percent in Colorado. From just the first month of sales alone, almost $200,000 will go back to schools around the state.

But some here do not think the added cash is enough to justify possibly greater societal affects.

“If you have a lot of people that are using marijuana that didn’t used to, how could that be positive?” Rep. Rick Catlin (R-20th District) said.

Other state lawmakers are exploring the use of medicinal marijuana. Rep. Pat McElraft (R-13th District) is filing a bill to legalize an oil extracted from the cannabis plant that she says would help kids who suffer seizures.

Although Rep. Ted Davis (r-19th District) says he does not support the legalization of pot, he said he is open to hearing about medical use.

“If it was for that purpose that would be the only purpose it would be used for and not for commercial use or personal pleasure,” Davis said.

So for now, it does not look like people in North Carolina will be using pot legally any time soon.

Rep. Frank Iler (R-17th District) also said he was not for legalizing marijuana.

Rep. Susi Hamilton (D-18th District) said she has co-sponsored the medical marijuana bill every year she has been in the House of Representatives.


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  • Emily Shiro

    cannabis (GODS GREEN HERB) should be legalized for medical reasons and recreational reasons, cannabis could help the economy and the eco system , cannabis should also be legal because it has never killed or hurt no one or any thing
    cannabis is a flower it cures cancer, anorexia, inhabits tumor growth ,effective treatment for seizure’s , effective treatment for glaucoma , alleviates PMS symptom’s , effective treatment for ADD and ADHD , helps with symptoms of IBS and CHRONs
    Helps prevents Alzheimer’s, Aids with the management of MS ,reduce stress and promotes relaxation, threats migraines , reduces various pain problem’s.
    and threats a lot more problems. cannabis would help the communities and all the
    states improve and would create more jobs for the people…It would be the best thing the Nation’s did in HISTORY.

  • Pheonix La’Jin

    Honestly I’m tired of thinking marijuana dont need to be legalized and its morally wrong..I’m your “pothead” and im weighing in..WE are normal everyday folks who choose to smoke something natural and helpful ALL because what everyone wants to believe. Its better then taking pills..watching childeren overdose on a pill thats in YOUR shelves.. rollin one lighting one is no less then your typical cigarettes. .but unlike cigarettes youdont want another joint til bed time..MOST cigarette smokers chain smoke..MY depression meds gave me the innability to care for a persons feelings..lack of emotions.THERE IS A STUDY PROVING THIS HAPPENS..NEXT STEPS FOR PEOPLE WAS MURDER. Watched it on the news days ago..JUST because u dont smoke it its not the devil.. its nothing like killing people but you are with your judgement and VIG PHARMA talk.BUT because of non-supporters VETERANS GO TO JAIL.. INNOCENT FOLKS WHO PARTAKE is thrown to illegality type living..cant get a decent job BECAUSE they have to smoke to control pain… bipolarity..insomnia….WHOS THE MONSTERS US OR YALL..WHO TRYIN TO KEEP THE PEACE..Just like tobacco. .alcohol perscription drugs there are responsible n irresponsible partakers..JUST KEEP IT OUT THE REACH OF KIDS N smoke responsibly.

  • mitaliss

    I pretty sure that people didn’t want to take pills/HEROIN either…duhh!!!!

  • John Irving

    It’s looks like the majority that are against it are Republicans.. Time to can all of these old boys… Time to grow up NC.. It’s about time we make some PROGRESS and stop being so damned CONservative.

  • Legalizing marijuana will never ever happen in this state. This state (NC) is part of the bible belt and is ranked # 7 of the most ignorant states in the USA. WHy? Because our people still believe in gods. Of all the people in this country, 14% still believe in gods. Most people go to college and upon being educated, come to terms and figure this all out on there own. There is no such thing as gods. The dinosaurs did exist, and we evolved with all the other animals on this planet, from the same common ancestors. Not in NC though. We still believe in magic. Its this ignorance that will continue to hurt this state and keep us in the stone age. Not the stoned age. I asked a 47 year old woman from Jacksonville why she did not support legalization. She responded ” its not good for you and it will hurt you” I promptly asked her “How is it bad for you?” She could not answer me. Why? Because she was not educated on the matter and from what I gather… Not educated at all. Here is a fun fact: Marijuana has not been proven to have any deadly or harmful effects on our anatomy what so ever. Alcohol has been proven to cause liver damage and all sorts of problems with our anatomy. It will impair you to the point where you can not drive or operate machinery safely. Cigarettes will KILL you! Yet these are both not only legal but taxed. Marijuana has none of these ill effects. Yet its illegal. Unfortunately NC will never ever legalize this substance purely out of ignorance and blatant disregard for common sense. NC still believes in magic and until it catches up with the rest of the world, will continue to put there faith in magic and will more then likely become the #1 instead of # 7 most ignorant states. : (

  • Ausam

    Ok lawmakers, why cant we enjoy what GOD has put on this earth for good? To me, there is no logic behind making herb illegal. You can’t ban GODs creation. Jesus is on his way back SOON so please lawmakers, legalize marijuana so people can enjoy their life while they can instead of them being paranoid 2 hit uh blunt! I hope NC Lawmakers change their thoughts and be a blessing to others!

  • matt diamond

    I couldn’t agree more. People who continue to say weed is just no good because it has no positive benefits are ignorant. Sugar, tobacco, alcohol and a number of other things have no benefits and nobody seems to care. Politicians are pussies, too scared to do something for the people that might jeopardise their 250k a yr salary and full pension. Makes me sick to live in a country where these people can control everything and the population just sits back and takes it.

  • Nicholas

    The people who want to keep cannabis illegal sound like the same people that think Obamacare is a good idea. Both believe it’s better THEIR way, but only because they are too ignorant to see the big picture. Sugar is a drug with no medical benefits, but you sure don’t see congress doing anything to fix that drug huh? I’ve never heard of cannabis causing cavities or diabetes or high blood sugar, have you? Matter of fact, have you heard of cannabis causing anything bad to happen, besides munchies, sleepiness and paranoia? I say eliminate the paranoia because that’s mainly experienced due to cannabis being illegal… the act of knowingly doing something illegal can be viewed as a stimulus to certain chemicals in the brain. Good thing our leaders keep cannabis illegal right? I feel much safer knowing that I can kill myself by eating sugar and kill myself by drinking alcohol, but not kill myself by smoking cannabis. Sounds crazy right, but it’s true. There are more deaths by consuming sugar than there are from smoking cannabis. New studies also support the fact that legalizing cannabis does not cause crime to increase nor does it make the roads any more hazardous. Turns out most the people already driving are F’ed up on pharma pills and alcohol, so legalizing cannabis did nothing as far as dampening someone’s driving skills.

  • From my understanding, Rep. Alexander is currently working on a bill/amendment to legalize cannabis at both the medical and recreational levels in NC and is hoping for it to be completed in time for this year’s May session in the NCGA. NOW is the time to educate everyone on the wonderful healing qualities of cannabis. Please visit nccpn.org for the most up to date info on medical cannabis in North Carolina.

  • MyNomDePlume

    Lets be honest here. There is far too much money for the state and Law Enforcement Agencies to loose to allow people the right to use a plant with a safer track record than aspirin. It is an illogical fallacy to think that legalization would cause an influx of anything besides people clearing out the snack isle at the local grocer. I advocate for decriminalization because it should have never been a criminal action to posses a plant in the first place and the poor souls who have been locked up and fined should be set free and have their fines returned. If prohibition is and was always about safety, then why on earth haven’t all pain pills been reclassified as schedule 1 as it is apparent they are clearly more of a threat in NC than most of the illicit street drugs.

  • StunnedByTheIgnorance

    Isn’t it just possible that this is the attitude you get when you have a MUCH more motivated base on the right? Every elected official in your state feels empowered by their constituents.to behave the way that they do. If you continue to allow hate to be the motivation for voters, republicans win every time. Don’t ask me to elaborate on that hate comment. If I need to explain it, you probably won’t get it and if I don’t then you know what I do.

  • waste of time

    I was walking in the woods the other day and found a group of high school kids smoking weed. Obviously they don’t care to wait for legalization. I don’t care to wait anymore either, im about to smoke a bowl after this comment.

    I will use my young health military age body to fight this satanic law called prohibition. WAR! I smoke weed, get over it, it not like heroin like old people say

  • Richard Steeb

    Q. “If you have a lot of people that are using marijuana that didn’t used to, how could that be positive?”

    A. Google: “Medical Marijuana Laws”+”Traffic Fatalities” and DO the MATH.

  • Why exactly do we go out of our way to remain willfully ignorant in North Carolina? Perhaps we should educate, inform, eradicate rampant misinformation regarding cannabis. But what will we actually do? Just continue to cram our jails (and build MORE) with non-violent weed smokers, veterans and the chronically ill desperately seeking some kind of relief, and maintain bloated law enforcement budgets to do so. The devil weedpot is going to turn our children homogay moslim hippies!!

  • Ben

    Time to play “Which substance is safer?”
    – Prescription drugs KILL over 265,000 in the US annually
    – Alcohol KILLS over 40,000 in the US annually + 16,000 traffic death
    – Tobacco KILLS over 390,000 in the US annually
    – Cannabis KILLS 0, none, nada, not a single overdose death in all medical history
    So, which substance is safer?
    To respond use our app from the Apple store or Google play!
    All data quoted directly from the Center for Disease Control website. Employees of “Which substance is safer?” and their family members are not eligible for prizes. The “Which substance is safer?” home game now available in fine stores!

  • Richard Steeb

    The intent behind legalizing Cannabis is NOT to harvest tax revenue. It is the restoration of “Liberty and Justice” and the establishment of legal supply displacing the tax-funded imposition of black market profits to criminals.

    The prohibition of Earth’s most widely beneficial plant species is a crime against humanity. It shall NOT stand!

  • Mike Parker

    North Carolinians need to stand together and let’s vote these old timer politicians out of office. If they are to ignorant to see how beneficial marijuana would be for our state then they need to go. Let’s not be the last state to get with times again. Marijuana has so many benefits that I can’t even say outweigh the bad cause there isn’t anything bad about marijuana. People are sick and need a miracle drug that doesn’t cause death like pain killers, benzos, and the list goes on. Marijuana is that miracle medicine that you can actually call medicine cause it actually helps instead of killing you slowly like a lot of pharmaceuticals.
    Just legalize the plant that has been proven to have nothing but benefits and let’s get on with making this state some money, help a lot of people who sick have a better life, and lastly so the hell what if people use it for pleasure, what is wrong with using something that is completely harmless for fun?
    Mike P

  • georgeosy

    I think this state has a bunch of idiots running bc people are going to continue doing pot wether its legal or not so y not make it easier on everyone and just legalize pot.

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