Wilmington businesses joining search for missing mom


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Businesses across Wilmington are joining the search efforts to find a woman who has been missing for almost two weeks.

Ebonee Spears, 30,  was last seen at the Pointe at Taylor Estates on January 16. Detectives with the Wilmington Police Department are still treating this as a missing person case, but the Cue Center for Missing Persons said it is more than that.

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Spears’ mother Harriet Rivers said she last spoke to her daughter on Friday, January 15.  She said Ebonee has one daughter.

“She’s my baby girl,” Rivers said. “She’s very smart. She’s a very energetic, outgoing person.”

Rivers said they are very concerned about Ebonee’s health, because she has recently been diagnosed with lupus and she needs her medication.

From the bus stop, to the hair salon, to the art gallery, you can find Spears’ face on just about every corner in Wilmington.

“It’s hurtful to know I’m sitting here talking to you and I don’t know where my daughter is,” Spears’ mother Harriet Rivers said.

As police continue their search for spears, friends and family have been doing their own.

“This is one of the flyers,” Rivers said.

Rhonda Bellamy with the Arts Council of Wilmington and New Hanover County said she did not hesitate hanging the flyer in her downtown Wilmington window.

“As a mother, you know I certainly sympathize with the fact that this young lady had been missing for so long,” Bellamy said. “At that time, it had been nearly a week and, so we’re talking another week and still no answers.”

Bellamy said she does not know Spears personally, but her daughter went to school with Spears.

“It’s frightening to know that someone can be gone missing for this long,” Bellamy said. My daughter is also a mother and she understands the angst the family must feel.”

Whether it’s a flyer, a detective, or a tip from the community, Spears’ mother just wants someone to bring her baby girl home.

“Who ever she is with, please let her call home,” Rivers said. “Bring her home.”

The Cue Center for Missing Persons is also planning a vigil for this Friday at 7:00 at the Pointe at Taylor Estates.