FIRST ON 3: First Hemp store in NC opens in Wilmington


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — One of the first hemp stores in the southeast is now open right here in downtown Wilmington.

This comes almost two years after Congress passed the 2014 Farm Bill allowing hemp products to be sold.

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“I’m just curious,” Barry Browning said, as he visited the Hemp Farmacy in Wilmington Wednesday. “I just wanted to get some information.”

Education Director Matthew Collogan said this is the first hemp store in North Carolina.

“States are now allowed to start their own pilot production and research cultivation of industrial hemp, so some people call it hemp; some people call it marijuana,” Collogan said

Collogan said the difference is the level of THC.

“Everything in here has at or below 0.3 percent THC,” Collogan said.

That means it cannot get you high, but he said it has many other benefits.

“We’ve seen folks in here trying to help Lupus, Crohn’s Disease, cancer, bursitis, arthritis, PTSD, just getting better sleep, reducing anxiety,” Collogan said.

That is exactly why Browning was there.

“I take prescriptions. I would rather take something that is natural and not have to go to so many pharmacies,” Browning said. “I just always felt like that anything that is grown from the ground up is a lot safer.”

Collogan said some of these products can also help children and your four-legged friend.

“Who has bad hips or has a lot of anxiety when the storm rolls around, enjoy a couple CBD treats, things are a lot less anxious at home,” Collgan said.

It is a whole new way of life that is drawing a whole lot of curiosity and acceptance..

“Times are changing,” Browning said.

They also have a Hemp Farm in Wallace, but they do not grow Hemp. The Hemp Farmacy also offers education classes throughout the week.