Future facility has new approach to help overcome opioid abuse


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Reflections of Hope,  a new treatment facility is trying to help others struggling with drugs by adding a faith based treatment.

Reflections of Hope’s nurse, Ryan Minkler, has had life experiences he believes led him to his current job, helping others fight addiction.

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“I turned to those substances in hopes that I would find some lasting satisfaction and happiness, and of course ultimately it left me emptier,” Minker said.

After battling addiction, Minker became a nurse and a pastor to help others.

His faith is an intricate part of the care patients will receive at Reflections of Hope.

The purpose of the facility is to impact lives by treating people both mentally, physically and spiritually.

“Immediately after stepping into this field, I mean you either view what you’re doing in this field as a job or a calling. I really believed what I stepped into was really a calling,” Minker said.

Working in an environment where people feel respected is also their mission.

Reflections of Hope’s program director Christie Jarrell-Smith said it’s essential to have staff who understand what patients go through.

“It’s important to have facilities that have staff that are experienced and that have compassion for being able to treat people,” Jarrell-Smith said.

Compassion and empathy, two strengths Minker has and wants to share with future patients.

“You can come up with 1,000 reasons not to take that first step, but really you just need to come up with one reason to do it,” Minker said.

And with a little leap of faith, they believe opening the doors of the facility will help patients struggling, take that first step.

Jarrell-Smith said the goal is to be open by the end of the month.

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