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Opioid overdose deaths drop for first time in 5 years

For the first time in five years, the number of overdose deaths has dropped, according to the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services and one local organization is appreciative. 

Life After Addiction: TIDES program aims to help women overcome opioid addiction

After a decade of addictive drug behavior which culminated in the use of opioids, Krista Turner found herself at a crossroads--either abort her unborn baby and continue abusing opioids or carry her baby full term and get help to stop her dependence on drugs. She chose the latter.

Life After Addiction: Former addict shares how opioids nearly destroyed her

Krista Turner started experimenting with dangerous drugs like hallucinogens when she was in her teens and her struggle with drug addiction continued about 10 years.

Symposium brings stories and solutions to ongoing opioid crisis

This symposium comes after months of planning by the Congressman and other.

Rep. Rouzer hosting opioid symposium in Wilmington

A symposium aimed to share the best ways to address opioids when it comes to stigma, treatment, prevention and law enforcement is being held in Wilmington at the end of the month.

Take Back NC: New approach to tackle opioid abuse and violent crimes

Take back North Carolina, that's the initiative the United States Attorney's Office announced Monday. It is another tool to combat violent and drug crime in our area.

Lawmakers debate opioid taxes as states grapple with crisis

Bills introduced in at least 15 states would impose taxes or fees on prescription painkillers.

Patient says curbing opioid prescriptions hurts people in chronic pain

For one woman here in the Cape Fear she said she now can't get the medication she needs because of the substance abuse issue.

NC State students visit Wilmington to learn about opioid crisis

Students from NC State University visited Wilmington this weekend to learn more about the opioid epidemic and its effects throughout the state.

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