As golf cart safety concerns increase, so does ticket enforcement


CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Golf carts are a familiar site in Carolina Beach. But golf cart drivers can’t drive everywhere. And if you do, you could get a ticket.

“He was driving towards the food lion and got a ticket. It was like a $100 ticket,” John Layland, a golf cart owner, said.

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Carolina Beach police are ticketing golf cart drivers in the 45 miles per hour zone on North Lake Park Blvd because it is illegal to drive a golf cart in that area.

“Golf carts are not allowed on any roads that are greater than 35 mile per hour speed limits. That includes the little stretch that is near our Food Lion. And so, there are some people who have gotten caught, unaware of that and have received tickets,” Tom Bridges, a Town Council member, said.

Some golf cart owners say they just want to have better communication on the law.

“I don’t think it’s unfair. I think it’s probably a good safe practice but if they let people know and they can do that when you get your sticker, just let you know when you get the sticker that that’s what the regulation is and I think it’d be fine,” Layland said.

“If they was going to start issuing tickets, they ought to give just temporary tickets. Not one that is going to be enforced. But just, until everybody got informed and everybody learned the rules,” Burton Wilson, a golf cart owner, said.

Now, the town council is looking into what can be done to help the issue.

“We have requested from the DOT to review the speed limit there. Maybe drop it to 35, but that is a DOT decision and we’ll have to wait to see what they do,” Bridges said.

Carolina Beach Town Council will be speaking more about this matter at their meeting on August 22.