Pittenger is out if potential re-election is called in District 9


BLADEN COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — After losing to Republican Mark Harris last spring, Rep. Bob Pittenger will not have his name on the ballot if a new election is called in District 9. The Republican congressman represents parts of Charlotte all the way to Bladen County.

The congressman’s decision comes after the new state law that allows for a re-election in elections that the state board warrants it. The District 9 race is the reason for the law. If the announced hearing happens and if the state board says a new election is needed, there would then be a new primary and general election.

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The NCSBE has set an evidentiary hearing for next week. It’s in order to look at the evidence of alleged elections fraud in the congressional race.

There’s been a lot of back and forth, however, from the candidates in this race, Harris and Democrat Dan McCready, if the board can even hold the hearing. That’s because the board was dissolved last week.

If the only option is a new election for Harris and McCready, Pittenger says he’ll take no part in it.

“As a Member of Congress for the last six years, I am deeply grateful for the privilege of serving the 9th Congressional District,” wrote the Congressman in a Tuesday statement. “Regardless of the determination of the evidentiary hearing, I will not be a candidate in a possible primary election.”

That evidentiary hearing is set for January 11. However, that could be troublesome as Governor Roy Cooper needs to add members to the board of elections. A move GOP members throughout the state say they will challenge.