Humpback whale washes ashore on Outer Banks beach


COROLLA, NC (WTKR/AP) — A dead humpback whale has been found stranded on the North Carolina coast.

Officials performed a necropsy on the 2-year-old, 27-foot-long female humpback whale found on Whalehead Beach in Corolla over the weekend.

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While they are still unsure how it died, visible injuries show it may have become entangled in netting.

It’s reportedly the fourth humpback whale to wash ashore along the Carolinas in eight weeks, and the fifth dead whale overall.

The Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk cited experts who say humpback whales spend winter in the Caribbean but begin migrating to the North Atlantic this time of year for the summer. The experts say Virginia Beach’s coast is a supplemental feeding area on their journey north.