Voter registration wraps up in New Hanover County as election nears


WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–The lines were steady on Friday at the New Hanover County Board of Elections as the North Carolina voter registration deadline expired at 5:00 p.m. today.

“We certainly see a significant increase in registrations this time of year,”says New Hanover County Board of Elections Director Rae Hunter-Havens.

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The upcoming general election will be held on November 3rd, but plenty of residents were dropping on their ballots on Friday. Jeannie Lennon came out to the board of election on Friday not to register, but because she wanted to personally hand in her ballot.

“It’s the most important election that I’ve ever voted in, in all my many years of voting,”Lennon says. “So, I wanted to be sure my voted counted. I wanted to be sure it got there and that I’d have a way to track it. Now, they do have a way you can look on the computer and be sure it’s been accepted.”

In-person voter registration is now in the rear-view mirror, which means the early voting period will get underway next Thursday and run until October 31st. Rae Hunter-Havens, the Director of the New Hanover County Board of Elections, says even if you missed today’s deadline there are still a few ways to get it completed.

“They can still register at our ‘One Spot’ sites with some sort of proof of residency,”said Havens.”For most voters it’s their North Carolina drivers license with a current name and address on it. If you don’t have that perhaps a utility bill or a bank statement that has their current name and address. Then they can complete that same day registration process and vote at the same time.”

Hunter-Havens says if you do plan on voting in the 2020 election it will be key to have a plan. You will need to know exactly what option you want to choose to cast your vote.

“There’s absentee by mail voting, there’s absentee in-person voting, which is early voting essentially,”says Hunter-Havens. Then there’s election day voting.”

Early voting officially get underway next Thursday, October 15th. If you’re in New Hanover County there will be nine different locations, where you can go out and get your early voting done. For the exact addresses of the locations and hours of operation you can visit the New Hanover County Board of Elections website.