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Early voting sites open in 9th District primary for US House

Republican and unaffiliated voters can start casting early ballots in the North Carolina special congressional election prompted by findings of ballot fraud.

Judge weighs whether voter ID lawsuit should go to trial

A judge will soon decide whether one of many pending lawsuits challenging North Carolina's new photo voter identification laws should go to trial.

State Board, McCready request Mark Harris’s lawsuit be denied

The court is now working to determine an official hearing date for Harris's case after the NCSBE and Dan McCready request it be dropped.

New documents released in state investigation of alleged voter fraud surrounding Bladen County

These "irregularities" resulted in the state not only bringing into question the outcomes of a Congressional race, but to pause the certification of two county races.

Woman takes midnight bus from DC to Durham to vote

One woman refused to miss her chance to vote in the 2018 midterm elections, even if it meant taking a midnight bus from D.C. to Durham to cast her ballot.

North Carolina early voting ballots already exceed 2014 total

With four days of early in-person voting remaining, North Carolina already has cast more early ballots than it did during the last midterms in 2014.

Deadline to register to vote is Monday

In the wake of Hurricane Florence lawmakers in North Carolina extended the deadline for voter registration.

ICE subpoenas 44 NC elections boards for voting records

ICE investigators are ordering elections officials in 44 North Carolina counties to turn over election documents dating back five years.

NAACP members march downtown to push for more to vote

Voting is a civic duty, but for some people its hard to find the time to. Many people utilize early voting and Thursday the NAACP is emphasizing the importance of it.

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