DES: Claimants must contact 5 jobs per week

RALEIGH, NC (WWAY/DES) —  People who file for unemployment payments must now make five job contacts per week.

The Division of Employment Security (DES) says that effective January 3, 2016, individuals filing new unemployment insurance claims must make five valid job contacts with potential employers for each week claimed.

In September of 2015, lawmakers approved Senate Bill 15 and changed prior legislation which required that those claimants receiving unemployment benefits make contact with two potential employers on two separate days of the week.

If a claimant filed prior to January 3, 2016, they can continue to search for work on two separate days with two potential
“This change allows claimants to make the required contacts all in one day or throughout the week,” said DES Interim Assistant Secretary Ted Brinn.
A spokesman also said that failure to make five contacts in a week may result in a delay or denial of benefits for that week.

For more information from the DES, click here.

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