‘He will shoot at officers’: 911 call reveals moments before deadly shooting

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A man was shot and killed by deputies at a home Sunday evening in Brunswick County, according to the sheriff’s office. A 911 call by a woman claiming to be his wife reveals more details on what led up to the shooting.

The incident happened around 6 p.m. in the 8600 block of Wanets Landing Road near Leland.

Below is the 17 minute phone call between the woman and an 911 operator:

Dispatch: What is the address of your emergency?
Caller: Hi there. My name is *****. My husband shot at me with a 45 on our porch, twice.
Dispatch asks for her location and she replied with an address.
Dispatch: Are you needing EMS? Are you struck?
Caller: No, he struck behind my head in a chair.
Dispatch: Ok, and is he still there?
Caller: Yes. He’s on the porch, or back deck.
Dispatch: Ok, and does he still have the gun with him?
Caller: Yes. I want to go to my friend’s house and she said to call EMS, not her.
Dispatch: Ok, and do you need an ambulance?
Caller: I don’t think so.
Dispatch then asks for her husband’s name and birthday. She said Michael Beck, 57.
Dispatch: Ok, and you said he is on the back porch. Are you the only two there?
Caller: Yes. Please send someone quick cause I am afraid he is going to shoot me again.
Dispatch reassures the woman that help is on the way.
Dispatch: Is he trying to engage with you again? Is there a reason why he is on the back porch while you are inside?
Caller: If I go on the back deck he will.
The caller says she plans on staying inside.
Dispatch: What began this? What caused him to try to shoot you?
Caller: Honest to God, I don’t have a clue. I have no idea, honestly. I don’t.
Dispatch: Has he been drinking or do any drugs?
Caller: Yes, he has been drinking.
Dispatch asks the woman if she would like to stay on the line until law enforcement has arrived and she said yes.
Caller: Please send someone, someone hurry.
Dispatch: Yes ma’am, we are. And he still has the gun you said, correct?
Caller: Yes, I’m afraid if he knows I am on the phone with you he is going to try to kill me.
Dispatch advises her that she can put the phone down at anytime to avoid her husband seeing her cause 911 would still be able to hear what is going on.
Dispatch: What kind of gun is it? Is it a handgun or a rifle?
Caller: He’s got a 45. He shot a hole through my chair behind my head, directly behind my head.
Dispatch: And that was on the porch you said, correct?
Caller: Yes. Good Lord, please get someone out here, please. I’m afraid to walk outside. They need to proceed with caution cause he is ready to shoot anyone.
Dispatch: Did he say that to you? That he is will to shoot anyone?
Caller: No, he will.
She tells the 911 operator that she is walking on the front porch while her husband is out back.
Caller: He threatened to shoot me if I sat down so I’m trying to be away from him as much as possible.
Dispatch: Understood ma’am.
Caller: He will shoot at whoever comes at him. I’m just letting you know. He will shoot at officers.
Dispatch says he has noted that to responding law enforcement.
Caller: Thank you cause I just don’t want anything to happen to them. He has been drinking but has never pointed a gun at me in six years and he shot behind my head in the chair on the deck. It is a real shot.
Dispatch: Understood, and he did say why?
Caller: No, he’s gone out of his mind.
Dispatch: How much has he been drinking, you know?
Caller: He’s probably had 5 beers and 8 shots of Jack Daniels 150 proof, the strongest you can find. He has a doctor appointment tomorrow and then he was going to leave on Tuesday to go to Oklahoma and I don’t need him here. I need him to go away. I don’t want him to go to jail and then come out and come home. He needs to go far far away to Oklahoma to his brother’s house. But I went outside to sit with him again and he pointed a gun at me and it gave me another chance for him to shoot me and I came into the house.
Dispatch asks if she still is out front and she says yes near the street.
Caller: He can’t hear and I can’t hear him, but he will be very volatile when the deputies show up. I can tell you that. I’m scared he will try to kill all of them.
The woman says she is now walking down the road to stay away from her husband.
Caller: I’m afraid and I’m sorry. We had a great Sunday. We were cooking out and then all of the sudden he shot behind my head and it was no more fun anymore. Because he should never, ever, ever shoot at a person. He knows better. He is a former Army sniper. He knows better.
More than 14 minutes after the call began, dispatch says a deputy is at the house. However, the caller says she doesn’t seen anyone. About two minutes later, she reports seeing two deputies walking her way. The call ends after she makes contact with law enforcement.

A sheriff’s office says when deputies responded and they exchanged gunfire with one man, killing him. Deputies were not harmed. No other details have been released.

As is standard protocol, Sheriff John Ingram and District Attorney Jon David have requested the NC State Bureau of Investigation to conduct an independent investigation.
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