911 calls reveal details from the Castle St. shooter

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)– 911 calls reveal who might have shot and killed a man in Wilmington Thursday.

Police say it happened in front of Lewis’ Barber Shop on Castle Street.

Police responded to this 911 call around 1:30 pm.

“911 operator: New Hanover County 911 what’s the address of your emergency?”
Caller: “Yes. I need someone to come out here. I just shot a person.”

Police say witnesses said the shooting happened after an argument inside the barber shop.
It’s a detail that same 911 caller mumbles to the operator.

911 operator: “Sir?”
“Caller: The man punched my face.”

It’s an alleged fight that rang out into the community, because police locked down nearby schools.

“My mind goes back to the big shooting that happened at the schools and children got hurt from that,” Terry Warran, a grandmother of two children who go to nearby schools, said.

No children were hurt this time, though.

“I’m glad that they shut the schools down,” Warren said.

Because had they not, Warren says her two grandchildren could have been hurt.

“You never know exactly who the person is or how many people it is,” Warren said.

Meanwhile police are still looking into who that person actually is.

Police have not identified the victim. They say there have been no arrests or charges, but there is one person detained for questioning.

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