A virtual cocktail party keeps you social, but socially distant

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Yelp is partnering with End of Days Distillery Feb. 24 to offer a virtual cocktail party, mixology class and tour of the facility in Wilmington.   Joshua Mann is Yelp’s new Wilmington Community Ambassador.  He recently spoke with WWAY’s Donna Gregory about the event, and what’s next as local businesses get creative to serve customers.

1) Tell us how the “end the day with end of days distillery” virtual event will work.
That’s a great question, Donna. Since this is an official Yelp event, RSVP’s are only open and available for anyone with an active Yelp account. Participants can locate the virtual event at www.yelpcommunity.com then click on this specific event to RSVP. Confirmations are sent out through e-mail and a Zoom link is provided to join in on the fun. The virtual event is LIVE and includes a brief tour through End of Days Distillery along with a mixologist tutorial for making 2 different EOD cocktails. Overall, this event provides our local communities and the Yelp Community an alternative way to interact, engage and socialize…all while supporting a fantastic, local business in the process.

2) How did you all come up with the idea for a virtual cocktail party?
In all honesty, I cannot accept credit for the concept. At Yelp, we have been holding virtual events, similar to this one, across the country since last year. We’ve had strong engagement and enthusiasm from those participants, and End of Days is such a big part of our local community here in Wilmington…it just seemed to be a natural fit.

3) What else is involved besides learning how to make some awesome cocktails?
Yelp attendees will be able to experience a live tour inside, learn the history and inception of End of Days and can even participate interactively with the mixologists by purchasing a virtual event kit ahead of time.

4) What do people need to do to take part in the event?
Sign up at Yelp.com or download the Yelp mobile app! A computer, laptop or mobile device you can use Zoom on. Once again, if anyone wants to make this event interactive, there is an exclusive event kit available for purchase now through End of Days’ online shop. Other than these things, just bring yourself, passion and questions to the event!

5) What’s the cost?
Attending the event, virtually, costs zero unless you choose to purchase a virtual kit ahead of time for $25, which includes 1 bottle of End of Days Hurricane Warning mixer, 1 bottle of Restoration Tonic mixer, 1 box of spirit-tasting chocolates and some additional Yelp swag.

6) What are the day and time of the virtual event?
Feb. 24th, 2021 at 7:00 PM EST

7) In general, how creative will local businesses have to be in order to keep serving customers as the pandemic continues?
I have already seen most businesses in our area get very creative in adapting to the pandemic. Most have been proactive in finding new and effective methods to drive in business when the future of the pandemic is still uncertain. Some places have shifted their business over to service on wheels, some have implemented outdoor space heaters and it’s been inspiring to see how small businesses have pivoted and continued to be integral parts of their respective communities.

8) What’s next for the official yelp Wilmington community ambassador?
I’m looking forward to hosting more virtual events, connecting people with our amazing small businesses around Wilmington and providing an outlet for others to find alternative forms of entertainment and engagement within the community.

To order a virtual party kit, visit https://www.eoddistillery.com/shop/p/yelp-virtual-event-kit

To join the virtual party, visit  https://www.yelp.com/events/wilmington-yelp-virtual-event-end-the-day-with-end-of-days-distillery

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