Asheville woman fights to keep ‘FART’ license plate

NC woman appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live
Fart Vanity Plate
Karly Sindy shows off her vanity plate while on Jimmy Kimmel Live (Photo: Jimmy Kimmel Live)

ASHEVILLE, NC ( WWAY) — It’s a vanity license plate that’s pitting a North Carolina woman against the DMV.

In October, Karly Sindy of Asheville paid for a license plate that spells out…. FART.

To her surprise, the DMV approved the personalized plate and sent it to her, but recently, the DMV contacted her after receiving complaints about the plate and said they might have to revoke it.

“People are waving and taking pictures,” Sindy said, while describing what it was like to have the vanity plate during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Sindy said the DMV told her she had to write a letter, telling them what the plate means to her.


After receiving the letter, Sindy went online to the website Reddit and asked for help writing the letter.

They came up with an acronym for FART… Friends of Asheville Recreational Trail, which is a completely made up group.

“I was like, let’s meet,” Sindy said. “And we all, 15 people showed up at the first meeting!” They’ve even created a twitter account, a website and a newsletter, which tells their members they’re about to ‘catch wind of some breaking news’ regarding the battle with the DMV.

The letter was just mailed this week, so no word on whether the DMW will allow Sindy to keep using the plate. However, The News & Observer reports that the DMV said the plate was mistakenly issued because the word has been on the do not issue list for some time and the plate has now been recalled.

In a cheeky tweet, the DMV confirmed the vanity plate has been recalled:



Turns out, there are more than 9,000 words you can’t put on a license plate… including the word, COVID.


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