BCSO sees ‘progress’ on fight against opioid addiction

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Almost three months ago, the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office started the Anchor Initiative to save those battling an opioid addiction. Since then, they’ve seen progress inside and outside Brunswick County.

The sheriff’s office said the program has grown in the short period of time, through donations and community outreach. They have assisted up to 10 people so far and other areas have reached out for help. The sheriff’s office also said this helps in the battle, not just against opioids, but against addiction. Sheriff John Ingram said they have one goal.

“We want to save lives. And hopefully in the end, those people that are at the point in their life, where they’re ready for help, we can get them that help. So it does save their life and allow them to live their life out and not be a slave to their addiction,” Sheriff Ingram said.

He also wanted to reiterate: they are still cracking down on the dealers and suppliers, who are preying on those with addiction.

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