Bear cub caught on video wandering into Leland backyard

LELAND, NC (WWAY) – A Leland homeowner was in for a surprise this Wednesday morning when he looked out into his backyard.

The bear cub has been sighted several times in their neighborhood in the past couple of weeks but this seems to be the first time the cub has been captured on video, according to Jerry May who lives in the Waterberry Plantation neighborhood.

Neighbors have speculated it may be an orphaned cub form the bear killed on route 133 in early July, and possibly the sibling of the bear who died after running into a motorcycle, also on Route 133 in Brunswick County.

May said when the cub ran back in the woods his wife said she saw a second bear.

May said he wasn’t sure if his eyes were deceiving him at first.

“We’ve had different critters, we have a trail cam out, you know we’ve had a few coyotes, we’ve had deer or whatever, this is the first bear,” he said. “And it sort of angled crossed over the putting greens, stood there a while turned around, I think something may have startled it, it didn’t run off, it just sort of walked off.”

The little cub may be cute but wildlife urges the public to never feed or touch a wild animal.





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