Bill would require couples read ‘marriage guide’ before tying the knot

A new bill being introduced in Florida hopes to reduce the number of divorces in the state, according to WJAX.

Jacksonville Rep. Clay Yarborough filed the Florida Guide to a Healthy marriage bill in the House on Monday while Lakeland Sen. Kelli Stargel filed the Senate version last week.

The bill is meant to prohibit couples from getting a marriage license until they verify they’ve read the new guide.

“The statistics have been staggering over the years for divorces and kind of the subsequent problems that go along with that, like children who don’t have families that are put together,” Yarborough said.

The guide would be written by marriage and family advocates and would focus on issues that include conflict management, communications skills, financial management and parenting responsibilities.

Yarborough says the guide would be paid for by private sources.

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