Blue crabs top North Carolina’s commercial fishing catch

KILL DEVIL HILLS, NC (AP) – A new report shows that 2014 was a banner year for commercial fishing in North Carolina.

A report from the Division of Marine Fisheries shows that the 2014 catch was up 23 percent from the previous year.

Fishermen sold nearly 62 million pounds of finfish and shellfish last year, worth nearly $94 million. It’s the first increase since 2010.

Jerry Schill with the North Carolina Fisheries Association told The Virginian-Pilot of Norfolk that the catch was good news.

The fishermen brought in more than 25 million pounds of hard shell crabs. Crabs are North Carolina’s top catch each year.

Don Hesselman with the state says the number of active commercial fishermen in North Carolina has dropped from about 5,000 in 1995 to about 3,000 last year.

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