Bluegrass song about NFL kneeling controversy goes viral

JESSAMINE COUNTY, KENTUCKY (WDKY) — A well-known Kentucky-based bluegrass duo is getting lots of attention for a new song.

The Moron Brothers produced a video for their song “Never Take A Knee” and posted it on Facebook just over a week ago. It has already been viewed nearly four million times.

Songwriter Mike Carr, one half of The Moron Brothers, said he wrote the song in response to NFL players kneeling during The National Anthem.

“I watch the news” he said, “and I just felt a lot of people were hungry for something like that. The only way I know to express myself is through song.”

The pair is usually known for their humor, but Carr said he didn’t want to joke about this topic. He sees standing for the flag as showing respect for veterans. He said people who want to protest police shootings or other things should find another way to do it other than kneeling during the anthem.

The Moron Brothers will perform the song on stage for the first time this Saturday at Renfro Valley Entertainment Center.

“Some people may get up and walk out, ” Carr said. “I’d hope not, but you never know.”

But he said so far response has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I’m amazed at how many people have shared this song in just a week. It’s more people than live in the whole state of Kentucky.”


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