Brunswick County ‘Prom Closet’ provides free prom attire for students

For more than 10 years, the Brunswick County Prom Closet has brought joy to hundreds of students.
Brunswick County students had the opportunity to pick out prom attire at no cost at the Prom Closet event. (Photo: South Brunswick High School)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Prom season is a classic rite of passage for teens, but for many, being able to afford the perfect dress, or tuxedo, can be stressful.

Thursday evening, the annual Prom Closet was held at South Brunswick Highschool, and with an incredible turnout, hundreds of students were able to find the perfect outfit for their big night.

For more than 10 years, the Brunswick County Prom Closet has brought joy to hundreds of students, thanks to generous donations from previous students, and the community.

The event was open to all Brunswick County students searching for prom gowns, 8th grade formal dresses, tuxedos, suits and accessories.

All of the clothing available was at no cost to students, and there were also volunteer seamstresses on site to perform any needed alterations at no charge.

Among tuxedos, gowns, dresses and suits, there were also handbags, jewelry, shoes and ties.

Many students that we spoke with say they are grateful for the prom closet.

“It’s a pleasure to have this at my school because some schools don’t have this,” said student Kirsten Dowless, “I feel like this is helpful to my community.”

Students say it’s a magical moment to find something they truly like.

Isabella Barton was surprised to have options, “I wasn’t expecting to come in here and find a dress… so I’m actually very pleased that I found two!”

Parents are also happy that their teens can enjoy the experience, and find something they love, without breaking the bank.

“It’s great how the community came together and is helping out some of the children, students that are not fortunate (enough) to go out and buy these $200 – $300 dresses,” says parent Minerva Davis, “I just wish there was something like this when I was in school, you know, because we didn’t have anything like this.”

Students have the option to return the attire when they are done with it, but it is not required.



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