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School votes Wilmington teen with special needs as prom king

A Wilmington high school senior with special needs is still in shock after being voted prom king.

School: Date of student who died in Emerald Isle surf not allowed at prom

Most kids can't wait for their senior prom, but Ian Lewis' family will never get to see that day. The teen drowned in Emerald Isle last week.

Teen surprises friend at Bitty & Beau’s with heartwarming promposal

High school senior Nic Cox was working at Bitty & Beau's Coffee Shop in Wilmington Sunday when his friend Jocelyn Savard came in for a visit and asked his to prom.

Cinderella’s Closet to host events for girls in need of prom dress

Any girl who needs a prom dress and accessories in New Hanover County is now able to get help.

NCDOT warns against taking prom photos on railroad tracks

With prom season not too far away, North Carolina transportation officials are asking people to avoid using railroad tracks as a backdrop for their photos.

Resilient high school senior undergoes cancer treatment before heading to prom

For 18-year-old Washington D.C. high school senior Myasia Hargrove, making it to prom night feels surreal after her father broke the news to her last fall.

Dad takes late son’s girlfriend to prom after fatal crash

It was supposed to be Carter Brown putting on the corsage and doing funny poses in photos with his date for senior prom.

Florida high school regrets displaying caged tiger at prom

A Florida high school said Monday that it regretted having a caged tiger on display at a jungle-themed prom.

Girl with third-degree burns gets prom night surprise after devastating accident

A 15-year-old girl severely burned by a backyard fire pit thought she was going to miss her high school prom. But then her date and her friends brought the prom to her.

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