Brunswick County schools revoke uniform policy

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Four Brunswick County schools no longer have a uniform policy.

At a meeting Tuesday night, the Board of Education reviewed county surveys and decided to revoke the policy.

Belville Elementary, Lincoln Elementary, Town Creek Elementary, and Leland Middle are the schools that will see the change. In those surveys, 58 percent of staff voted yes to uniforms, but 58 percent of parents said no.

Town Creek Elementary School parent Krystle Murray says she does not see anything wrong with a first grader wearing jeans and a “Frozen” t-shirt to school. Krystle voted against the uniform policy for her daughter, Hailey.

“I know that a lot of parents feel the same way that I do,” Murray said.

Murray said it was hard explain to her daughter why she had to wear the uniform.

“I would have to fight and listen to her cry, because she doesn’t want to wear a uniform,” Murray said.

Murray also says the uniforms are not cheap.

“It’s just an extra cost that a lot of the parents don’t need,” Murray said.

Hailey’s dad Todd says uniforms are too restricting for young children.

“Elementary years are the key and essential years to getting a child to enjoy school and making that a good, successful time for them to set them up for success later in life,” Murray said.

After school board members reviewed county surveys, they decided to revoke that uniform policy from the four northern schools in the county. Board Chairman Catherine Cooke said the bigger issue is enforcing the dress code policy in the high schools. While the Murray’s say they may have to re-visit that idea when Hailey gets to high school, they are just glad she can wear jeans and a “Frozen” t-shirt in elementary school if she wants.

“I’m thrilled,” Murray said.

School board members say students in Brunswick County schools still have to abide by the system’s dress code policy.

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