Candidates step into the ring and file for municpal elections

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s that time of year again. Candidates are filing to run for various positions in office.

As candidates step forward for the position of mayor or for a seat on city council, supporters showed up at the New Hanover County Board of Elections to watch their candidates file for office.

Wilmington mayor Bill Saffo wants to keep his seat and says he needs to step up against GenX for the people.

“I feel personally, as a life long resident, as the mayor of this city, as a representative of the citizens of this community, I need to do everything in my power to make sure that river is constantly monitored cause that’s where we get our drinking water and we’re at the very end of the line and we have to do everything in our power to ensure the citizens of our community, that we have good clean drinking water,” Saffo said.

Clifford Barnett, endorsed by New Hanover County Commissioner Jonathan Barfield, and Hollis Briggs Jr, showed up at noon to throw their hats into the ring for Wilmington city council.

“I’m honored and humbled that people like Jonathan and others, would literally look at me and say ‘we want you to lead us,'” Barnett said.

“I think in 2015, I proved that I was a great candidate. I attacked the issues that need to be addressed here in the city of Wilmington. I want to continue with a positive effort for the city of Wilmington,” Briggs said.

Barnett says he is running to do what he can for the people.

“I’m a servant leader. I really love serving people but I also believe in government. I believe that the city government should supply and offer needs or meet the needs of its citizens,” Barnett said.

Briggs wants to bring people together.

“It takes the people to make a city, not just one city council man, but it takes all of the people of Wilmington to make us responsible for our every day lives,” Briggs said.

Pender County also had candidates file for office. For now, James Smith and Lori Floyd are running for Atkinson mayor and commissioner, respectively. Teresa Batts is running for Surf City councilman.

So far, Dan Wilcox and Bill Blair also want to keep their seats as mayors of Carolina and Wrightsville beaches. Kure Beach mayor Emilie Swearingen is not running so mayor pro-tem, Craig Bloszinsky, filed for her seat. For a full list of candidates, go to the board of elections website.


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