Cape Fear axe throwers headed to the World Championships

WILMINGTON,NC (WWAY)–Two axe throwers from the Cape Fear have been taking aim a goal all year long and now it is paying off with a trip to the World Championships.

Daniel Murray and Alexander Spurdens have been on target with sitting themselves up for the opportunity of a lifetime. They will take part in the World Axe Throwing Championships after qualifying in Wilmington.

“We did open qualifiers, we basically came here and did five rounds of throwing,” says Alexander Spurdens. “So, ten throws each time then we had to do ten kill shots at the end. So, just basically hitting almost perfect scores.”

Luckily for these two, they didn’t have to go too far to practice with both of them being employees at Axes & Allies in Wilmington. They say their love for the game only grew more from there.

“It really just kind of came with the job,” Daniel Murrays says. “You know I took a job here as a bartender and obviously we have axe throwing here. So, you know I had to learn how to do that and show people and coach people on how to do that. Then I just kind of got addicted to it.”

The two pro’s don’t stick to just the basic shots. Overtime they have developed a whole bag full of trick shots. That includes throwing two axes at once, going behind the back, and so much more.

“Whenever we’re not doing the basic stuff we just like to have fun,” Spurdens says. “Crazy stuff like kicking it off our foot, throwing it behind the back, and just coming up with creative things to do.”

The World Championships gets underway on December 6th in Atlanta. They will be throwing against thousands of competitors from all across the world. They say while it will be a ton of fun, there are still there to win.

“We will be able to throw against people from other states and other countries,” said Murray. “I believe there’s 23 different countries that this is in. So, it’ll be fun to be able to meet those people and throw against them. Obviously you know I’m going to try to win this thing.”​

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