Carolina Beach council member speaks to WWAY after two crashes spark concern

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY)- A busy road in Carolina Beach is gaining more attention after two people were hit by vehicles in separate accidents this week.

It’s something business owner Aaron Taylor is all too familiar with.

Taylor owns Dudes Sweet Candy which is located on the busy street the accidents happened, hearing about another accident doesn’t surprise him.

“We’ve been here for about twelve years, it’s just a crazy street,” he said. “I mean people fly through here, and a lot of people are on vacation and they’re not, you know, paying attention as much attention as they normally would and it could be a deadly combination.”

One crash involved a pedestrian, the other a bicyclist,  both on North Lake Park Boulevard,

Both victims had only minor injuries, sadly, that wasn’t the case in 2019 when a one- year-old died after she and her grandmother were hit by a driver while they were in the crosswalk on North Lake Park Blvd.

According to Carolina Beach resident Jeff Thompson, more should be done.

“It would be nice to think that they could do more, whether it be police presence, lowering the speed limit,” he said. “We need to keep it safe, absolutely.”

According to Carolina Beach Town Council Member Mike Hoffer, the town has concerns and reassures the public, safety improvements are in the works.

“What we have in mind, a stop light and safe crossing at Winner Avenue, and you go down a little bit further and you’re on St. Joseph Street, you can look at it, it’s kind of a complicated intersection,” he said.

According to Hoffer, the town and the North Carolina State Department Of Transportation have light improvement projects in the works on Harper Avenue and Cape Fear Blvd.

On Hamlet Avenue there are additional safety improvements planned in the near future.

“We’re working on a light installed, in probably about a year,” he said. “That will have crosswalks there, as well.”

In the mean time, Hoffer urges those traveling outside of vehicles to act like they are invisible.

“If you’re a bicyclist or pedestrian you have to always assume no one sees you,” he said.

Some of the projects have been held up due to supply chain issues that have impacted many industries and government agencies, according to Hoffer.

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