videoLet's face it, the older we get the harder it can get to be as active as we were in the younger years. This week's Extraordinary Person of the Week doesn't live by those standards. Matter of fact, at the age of 80, Dick Secondo is running circles around some folks half his age. He wants others here in the Cape Fear to realize that age doesn't have to be a number!


videoBig name bands work with smaller bands all the time. Sometimes the smaller ones are opening acts and sometimes the opening acts get to join the big cats on stage. Sonny Boykin has done it all. He comes from an era where the musicians were tuning and the girls were swooning. Sonny is the '79 INVADER.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Employee of the half century

videoWWAY is celebrating 50 years, and believe it or not, there is an employee at WWAY who has been here the entire time. George Allen is our Extraordinary Person of the Week. What he's done for this station and the community makes him the "Employee of the Half Century".

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: The many hats of Jim Leutze

videour Extraordinary Person of the Week has penned a new book with his perspective on where North Carolina once was and is now. His experience in the Tar Heel State is vast and has him thinking we're headed in the wrong direction. This week we introduce you to the many hats of Jim Leutze.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: The Tight-Knit Group of Gals

videoBurrito Babies for children in the hospital, scarves for Veterans at the VA, Activity Aprons for folks with dementia....the list of things this group makes goes on and on and on. This week we focus on just one of their projects: Mats for the Homeless. Our Extraordinary Person/People of the Week is the 'Tight-Knit Group of Gals'.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: A little bit goes a latte

videoThis week's Extraordinary Person is behind a project that you may be able to help with. The business he runs is impressive enough, but what he does for Marines on Thanksgiving is Extraordinary!

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Stage left, but always right

video Theatre can be a huge building block for kids. Let's face it...a lot of adults get nervous in the spotlight. So, get kids comfortable with themselves, in the spotlight, and you give them the ability to shine. This week's extraordinary person of the week is a local actor, writer, director, musician, teacher, and on and on. He is sometimes stage ‘left’, but his mission is always ‘right’.

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: A stitch above the rest

video Stop me if you've heard this one: A sewing machine walks into a bar and the bartender asks, "Hey, aren't you that famous singer?" This week's Extraordinary Person of the Week uses her sewing skills to help those in need. She's a 'Stitch above the rest!'

EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: Historical Hands on Deck!

videoIn 1988, a woman would apply for a job aboard the USS North Carolina Battleship. She didn't get it. Then the job reopened. She got it this go around! Now she is a key player in using her creativity to bring the life of Battleship North Carolina to life. What we have are historical hands on deck!

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