CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Boy rescued from tree after trying to save cat

Cat Boy Rescue
Cat reacts to attempted rescue in most cat-like way possible on March 7, 2022 (Photo: Indianapolis Fire Department)

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WWAY) — You know that phrase: no good deed goes unpunished? All these firefighters at a park in Indianapolis sure do.

If you look really closely at the top center of your screen sitting on a branch, this is the punishment for Owen’s good deed.

The 17 year old climbed up the tree, about 35 feet up in fact, to rescue a cat.

He had no trouble getting up there, but getting down was another story. Firefighters showed up first but they had to call in the rope rescue team– who then called the tactical team.

It took about an hour to get the kid down. Other than a few scrapes, Owen is just fine.

The cat reacting in the most cat-like way possible made no effort to climb down and actually seemed to enjoy the commotion.