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Police: Carpenter saved 6-year-old from drowning in lake

Police in North Carolina are praising carpenters who worked to rescue a child from downing in a nearby lake.

More than 35 water rescues reported on Wrightsville Beach

NWS was informed this afternoon by Wrightsville Beach Ocean Rescue that more than 35 water rescues happened due to rip current conditions.

Heroic efforts by Raleigh father and son save drowning 74-year-old on the NC coast

The early July rescue has led to families now being friends and planning out trips to the Brunswick Co. beach annually.

Coast Guard members rescue man from drowning

Two Coast Guard members helped rescue a man from drowning 20 yards off of Wrightsville Beach on Monday night. Petty Officer 3rd Class Forrest Jones and Fireman Kyle Boeckmann were standing on the station pier around 8:30 p.m. when they heard shouts for help.

Triangle woman reunites with man who rescued her from flooded car

Anthony Matula, 18, saved Dajah Gladden's life after her car was stuck during a flash flood. On Sunday, ABC11 reunited the two a day after the rescue. Gladden visited Matula at Granite Falls Athletic Club where he works.

Columbus County first responders attempting to reach flood victims

Rising flood waters across Columbus County continue to hamper efforts as first responders attempt to rescue and distribute supplies to people who are impacted by flood as a result of Hurricane Florence.

Coast Guard medevacs man from off Myrtle Beach coast

Coast Guard crew members rescued a 47-year-old man from a boat 46 miles off the coast of Myrtle Beach Tuesday.

Local Buddhist monk reacts to Thai cave rescue

The world waited patiently as each child was saved from the cave in Thailand. For one Buddhist monk, he was ecstatic to hear they were safe.

Sergei Foundation opens coastal chapter to help save pets’ lives

The Sergei Foundation is a North Carolina non-profit committed to saving the lives of family pets and is expanding to Brunswick and New Hanover counties.

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